Schedule of Lectures – 2024

A typical day will include: a two-hour morning lecture, a two-hour afternoon lecture, and time for questions and discussion.   The lecture times may vary on occasion according to the lecture material.

Foundations of High Energy Density Physics-Virtual

June 310:00 AM: Introduction to High Energy Density Physics (HED)Carolyn Kuranz
2:00 PM: HED RegimeCarolyn Kuranz
June 410:00 AM: Shocks in HEDCarolyn Kuranz
2:00 PM: Hydrodynamic Instabilities in HEDSonya Dick
June 510:00 AM: Plasma KineticsAlec Thomas
2:00 PM: HED MagnetohydrodynamicsDerek Schaeffer
June 610:00 AM: High Field Science and the ZEUS FacilityKarl Krushelnick
2:00 PM: Strongly Coupled Plasmas in HEDScott Baalrud
June 710:00 AM:Introduction to laser-driven ICFRyan McClarren
2:00 PM: Introduction to MagLIFRyan McBride
Week 2: In-Person
June 179:00 AM: HED ConditionsCarolyn Kuranz
1:30 PM: Plasma DiagnosticsLouise Willingale
3:30 PM: Facility Tours
June 189:00 AM: AstrophysicsPat Hartigan
1:30 PM: AstrophysicsPat Hartigan
3:15 PM: Zeus Facility Tour
June 199:00 AM:Radiation HydrodynamicsHeath Lefevre
1:30 PM: Shocks and InstabilitiesEric Johnsen
June 209:30 AM: Meet outside classroom;
Effective Activism in the Age of Hate & Divisiveness
Carolyn Kuranz
1:30 PM: Radiation HydrodynamicsHeath Lefevre
June 219:00 AM: Project Presentations

Project time: 11:00 – 12:00 daily; 3:30 – 5:00 W & TH; presentations will be Friday morning.